Giovanni Verreschi


Born in Genoa in 1967 and graduated in Electronic Engineering in July 1993, Giovanni Verreschi completed his studies in 1997, obtaining the PhD in Electronic and Computer Engineering – Robotic Bioengineering address – with honors.

In 2000, the excellent results achieved with the associated P&V Engineering Firm led him to found ETT, an IT and services company oriented towards the development of innovative solutions.

Starting from 2008, he starts a process of diversification of ETT that leads it to become a New Media Agency & ICT Factory, establishing itself as one of the most innovative companies on the national scene and beyond.

Through a series of strategic acquisitions on the national territory – Xedum s.r.l, Space S.p.A. and 490 Studio s.r.l. – he starts the birth and the consolidation of ETT Group which in 2019 becomes part of the SCAI Group.

For the entrepreneurial results obtained in the innovation of the Italian cultural sector, he received several awards.

Among others, in 2017, he received the Cristoforo Colombo International Communications Award, established by the Municipality of Genoa since 1954.