Francesco Tapinassi

Scientific director BTO 2020

He has extensive experience in tourism and marketing policies, with a particular focus on the construction of digital ecosystems and digital reputation.

Currently fulfilling the role of Director of Tourism Policies for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, he was previously the Senior Marketing Strategist for the Fondazione Sistema Toscana overseeing the relations with the companies and territorial governance involved, as well as Director of the APT of Grosseto and Manager of Tourism for the Province of Grosseto, actuating campaigns for territorial re-branding, communications on the destination and developing the Maremma Brand Index, one of the first research projects in Italy on the reputation of a destination.

He handled the digital strategy for the Umbria Region and the social media strategy for Ogliastra in Sardinia.

Works he has published include “Turismo e Reputazione”, printed by Maggioli Editore and “Il Marketing delle Recensioni” by Apogeo.