Bruno Bertero

Marketing Director PromoTurismoFVG

Bruno Bertero, a Professional in Destination Marketing and Management, is currently Marketing Director of PromoTurismoFVG.

He is a consultant specialised in the management of hospitality and entertainment at tourist destinations, as well as in the internal management of both public and private administration, in the organization of human resources and in the drafting of marketing plans and the tourism development of products, services and destinations.

He was a consultant for the Municipality of Rivoli (Turin), for the Provincial Authority of Turin and for the Consortium for the Promotion of Tourism in the City of Turin and its Metropolitan area, later taking on the role of Director of the Consortium for the Promotion and Development of Tourism in the City of Rivoli.

Bruno Bertero moved closer to the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in 2006, as Head of the Territory’s Reception, Tourist Information and Entertainment Area (until 2008), and returned there in December 2015 as Marketing Director of PromoTurismoFVG.