Alessandra Farabegoli

Web strategist and trainer
Co-founder of Digital Update

She defines herself as one who works towards making herself superfluous.

As a biologist, she initially gravitated towards computer sciences and then towards web communications, as a web strategist and passionate disseminator of digital culture. Since the late 1990s, Alessandra has assisted companies, organisations and professionals to utilise the Internet to provide better service, earn more and work better.

In 2016, she released the online video course on Email Marketing with MailChimp.

In 2012, together with Gianluca Diegoli, she created the Digital Update training project, offering courses on digital strategies and the utilisation of online tools throughout Italy. Devised as a dual project, over time Digital Update has involved many other teachers, amongst the most qualified in Italy, with over 1,000 participants in the courses.