Undertourism: proposing and marketing unique experiences of a hidden Italy

How to propose and market another Italy, made up of stories, wonderful places, breathtaking experiences in territories "off the beaten track".

Perfect for the new traveller, looking for new destinations and authentic experiences, unknown to most and made up of people with important stories to tell.

We explore the topic by looking for strategies, means and tools to promote minor destinations and their experiences, analysing the point of view of those who are committed to selling and offering these territories every day, and those who have decided to invest in this sector, identifying it as an opportunity.

BTO2020 | Undertourism: proporre e commercializzare esperienze uniche


Susanna Mensitieri Coordinator Master Turismo e Territorio - Luiss
Italo Paltrinieri Owner Rosso Frizzante srl
Dominik Calzone CEO Amavido
Antonio Samele CIO Amavido
Antonio Trani Founder & CEO River Tribe
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