Tourism business 4.0: how to deal with the challenge of change

The digital world is now an integral part of our life and represents an essential element for businesses of all sizes and in all production sectors. Tourism also inevitably finds itself faced with the changes dictated by digital technologies and new business 4.0 models: big data, data analytics, augmented and virtual reality are already revolutionising the concept of travel and can be sources of growing development opportunities for intercepting the 1.8 billion travellers estimated, by 2030, by the world tourism organisation. 
Tourism 4.0 is, therefore, already a concrete reality for international tour operators and for the big players in the sector. But do the benefits of the digital sphere only concern large companies? How can small and micro tourism businesses take advantage of the revolution underway? What steps need to be taken? Which structures can support businesses that want to take on the challenge of change? What assistance and support can the Chambers of Commerce offer businesses, through PID – Punti Impresa Digitale (Info Points for Digital Businesses)? Are there any concrete examples of small businesses that have exploited the potential offered by the digital world to improve and enhance the tourism offer?

BTO2020 | L’impresa turistica 4.0- come affrontare la sfida del cambiamento


Andrea Angelini Restaurateur Ange / Boccanegra
Riccardo Di Virgilio Digital Promoter PID CCIAA
Antonio Romeo Responsabile nazionale Punto Impresa Digitale di Unioncamere
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