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How Tours & Experiences shape Destinations today

How big is the phenomenon of the distribution of tours and experiences?

Why is everyone investing on these platforms, and what is the outlook for the market?

How are destinations taking advantage of experiential content to create and strengthen their brands?

Intro | Moderator:
Emma Taveri DestinationMakers

Andrew Aley TripAdvisor
Caterina Manzi AirBnB
Tommaso Peduzzi TrekkSoft

Booking and Advertising Online: does booking and advertising go where the shopper goes?

With Netcomm and Nielsen, we take stock of the state of the art of the main investment activities on the web to make travel companies and destinations understand where to intercept the digital traveller… Read more »


Does Hospitality go AI? Experiences from the “Battlefield”

Conversational AI, such as chatbots and voice user interface (VUI), may not be yet perfect technologies but they are definitely more than real and, even more important, they are constantly perfecting and they are learning from us… humans. Big firms like Google and Amazon are also betting tons of billions on them.

But how did it go so far in the hospitality? Chatbots have been tested since a while, voice assistants in-room are just at the beginning.

Nice-to-have things or could these new channels become the preferred way for hotel guests to address questions, give commands, share complains and even making reservations?

Some international hotel chains and agencies have already invested time, money and resources on it and they will share outcomes, findings and even their "epic fails".

Giulia Eremita BTO Ambassador

Giovanna Manzi Best Western Italia
Charlie Cadbury Say it now

Multimedia Narration and Digital PR in Tourism

Each day, travel magazines receive an average of 80 press releases, of which only around 2% are actually used and published.
The press releases are about products, services, experiences and destinations, all looking to use the media (paper and digital) to reach the right target, arouse interest and appear memorable and recognisable in the eyes of….. Read more »


HotelTech2020: why and how the role of technology in Hotels is changing

The growing role of technologies in Hotels.

The problem of choice in the face of a market that offers more and more technological solutions.

Aspects to consider, comparison metrics, exchange of information between systems, new trends.

In-depth analysis with the main players involved.

Keynote Speaker | Intro:
Massimo Caria

Carlo Fontana Hoxell
Margaret Ady apaleo
Martin Soler Soler & Associates

Simone Puorto Simone Puorto Consulting

Digital learning

Technical training and learning systems, the digital revolution in the continuous development of skills.
Innovative training and promotion models, including e-learning, blended learning, bite-size training with focus on embracing new markets.
Presenting a continuous training model for employees of companies in the sector capable of contributing to the innovation of processes and products; promoting collaboration between….. Read more »


Wearing Tourism: wearing the tourism experience

In the coming years, the tourism experience will become richer and completely revolutionized in all its aspects, as new technology and devices offer us the chance to interact with our surroundings.
The Internet of Things and wearables are now firmly established in many sectors (from home automation to biometric fitness sensors), and new experiments are already….. Read more »


The lowdown on Influencer Marketing

VIP influencers, brand ambassadors, or just normal people? Communities or individual content producers?
How to identify the right people to give voice, body and soul to tourism brands, influence consumer choices and improve turnover.
Strategies, metrics, budgets and measurement tools to offer a down to earth approach to influencer marketing… Read more »

Why a destination strategy?

Paolo Grigolli and Pietro Beritelli – Why a Destination Strategy? The Trentino case
Luca D’ Angelo – From flows to design experience: the creation of the Paganella Bike Destination.
Sabrina Pesarini – From the product to the content to the customer: Trentino’s digital strategy… Read more »





What effect does serving food on small or red or round plates have? Why do we consume 35% more food when we eat with another person and 75% more when there are three of us?

"Gastrophysics" is the new field of knowledge opened up by Professor Charles Spence, which combines disciplines such as science, neuroscience, psychology and design. Using his two decades of research on the extraordinary connections between our senses, he shows how we can create more tasty, exciting, healthy and memorable culinary experiences. Above all, in order to get the most out of every meal, we must think not only of what is in our mouth, but also what is in our mind.

Spence has explored every sense and different types of meals to show dozens of ways in which the elements "outside the plate" influence our food experiences: the weight of the cutlery, the position of food on the plate, the background music and more. He reveals to us how food companies and the best restaurants in the world create cutting-edge technologies to do this, and how this can transform the way we will eat in the future.

Whether you are at home or in a restaurant, eating alone or with friends, Gastrophysics discovers the hidden ingredients at our disposal that can change the way we eat and the way we live.

Giancarlo Piccirillo INVITALIA | Agenzia nazionale per l’attrazione degli investimenti e lo sviluppo d’impresa SpA

Charles Spence Somerville College

Nick Difino Food-Hacker and Eat-ertainer


Chef Colonna and the pOsti startup: once upon a time there was the first recipe tracked by Blockchain

Antonello Colonna is a Chef, visionary, hotelier and philosopher. He has made his bond with the territory his strong point, and hospitality the cornerstone of the relationship with the customer.
Typical Roman ingredients and an international approach have led the chef to create the "Panzanella" by Colonna, the first recipe in the world to be certified….. Read more »


WHO trusts WHO?

The digital world has changed the spread of word to mouth and has impacted reputations. This is a very well-known phenomenon in the hospitality industry.
In the restaurant business, the same phenomenon came later, chronologically speaking, but it was quantitatively much broader.
What are the similarities and what are the differences between the two sectors? Does….. Read more »

JobValet: a “smart” way to match supply and demand

JobValet is a digital recruitment platform for staff in the hospitality sector and a bridge between supply and demand.
It is the only platform in the industry that is based on an algorithm to identify the best resources available, and currently has more than 37,000 registered candidates and 500 client companies, including the best hotels and….. Read more »


Dream (and Smart) Hotel Wake-Up Call. Special guest planet MARS

What would happen if in the future hotels provided a mobile, relocated and fully automated service?

How and where could we recover the human relationship and the territorial characterisation?

What if they became a fun place to relax, work, reorganise your time and, even if you stayed there for just one night, they were the set of a fairy tale, an eco-sustainable nest that exploits the motion of the tides or a peripheral oasis of a big city?

And this all in the name of respect for the delicate urban and natural ecosystem, in search of the perfect human psycho-physical balance.

Just a moment, though… what if all this is already happening?

Stefano Mereu Human Company
Marc Sampietro The Student Hotels Group
Sofia Gioia Vedani Planetaria Hotels
Ralph A. Riffeser Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel
Peter Palicz KiVi Hotel Budapest
Steve Lee Aprilli Design Studio
Giancarlo Zema Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Valentina Sumini MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Smart Sport Tourism

How the integration between territorial destinations and digital and innovative start-up companies can build a smart tourism product.
The goal of the integrated system is to intercept a demand for tourism, based on the variables of well-being and sport, that can provide positive results in terms of new market segments and, at the same time, offer….. Read more »