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Food Destinations in the Digital Age

Focus on some of the most innovative food and wine tourism strategies and the most advanced experiences in the use of technology and digital tools by the destinations and their supply chains (restaurants, hotels, chefs, producers and guides).

We will ask ourselves which direction the technology is taking and which segments can be applied, as well as what its added value is in promotion and more.

Intro | Moderator
Maria Elena Rossi ENIT Agenzia Nazionale

Maria Mihaylova Heineken Experience
Mariagrazia Falcone Ente Nazionale Israeliano del Turismo
Matteo Prato Tourism Australia


WI-FI Hotel: Wi-Fi and Marketing Automation at work in the hospitality industry

WI-FI Hotel: Wi-Fi and Marketing Automation at work in the hospitality industry
How to generate more revenue and get a better online reputation… automatically. During the seminar we will find out the 4 features of any hotel WiFi system that generally go unnoticed, that can be exploited to generate additional revenue up to thousand Euro per….. Read more »

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Travel Appeal: [True story] From the passing customer to the loyal guest, leverage data and take advantage of client reviews to improve your offer

In an evolving hospitality’s scenario, with new technologies, sources of information and of sharing, are exponentially growing data on the customer, on his purchase preferences and habits.
The reading and management of these information becomes increasingly crucial.
Based on a true story, we will turn the floor directly to those who take care of hospitality day….. Read more »

TripAdvisor in 2019

On 13 November last year, TripAdvisor announced a raft of new features internationally and in 28 languages.

The world’s leading travel portal is changing face and bringing in new functions, in what is much more than a simple restyling.

Summing up.

Martin Verdon-Roe TripAdvisor


Friuli Venezia Giulia “Social Ambassador” project: driver for authentic bottom-up experiential tourism

How can a citizen, fond of his territory, intercept market niches similar to his interests and effectively promote his land even on the other side of the world, generating a result in terms of (destination) awareness and above all income?
Let’s talk with the players of the blog, two years after its launch, about the….. Read more »

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SITEMINDER: Paint your clientele’s picture to take your business to the next level

In a world where travelers are more and more sophisticated and informed, it is important that your hotel focus its attention to the guest.
Take part in the SiteMinder discussion to understand what your customers want and the strategies you can use to get closer to them.
SiteMinder’s Product presentation.. Read more »


Innovation ecosystems in tourism

Voyager HQ from New York is one of the special guests of BTO11: their mission is to putting start-up companies in contact with business partners and investors, with the goal of creating value in travel.

This slot represents an opportunity to compare innovation ecosystems.

Giovanni Liberatore Università degli Studi di Firenze

John Matson Voyager HQ

Laura Scaramella INVITALIA Ventures
Antonio Perdichizzi tree


Mobile Booking is sexier that ever

One of every two users chooses their hotel on their mobile and is also learning to purchase their holiday on their mobile, the performance of which is now excellent.

That’s why we must never lower our guard, especially at this moment in time.

Starting with the data from the Bookassist observatory and with the contribution of Travel Tripper, it is clear that the perfect time to invest is now.

Intro | Moderator:
Giulia Eremita BTO Ambassador

Furio Gianforme Google
Des O’ Mahony Bookassist
Steffan Berelowitz Travel Tripper

Tech innovations with customer experience and storytelling in food and wine locations

A Keynote by Roberta Garibaldi on a set of case histories collected around the world, from New Zealand to Argentina.
With examples of the application of VR, robotics, holograms, biometrics, chatbots, … at food tourism locations… Read more »

OK HOME: Digital Hospitality. The Definitive Solution for short term renting

Properties management for short periods its complex and takes huge efforts an Labour, espycially because of the high guests rotation and all the burocracy attempts, the results that needs hope cost of management and time efforts.
OK HOME is an innovative system ,the only system who can remotely control your property without any fisical human presence….. Read more »

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Webperformance: an efficient BrandFormance strategy for your business

Are you sure that the best idea is to completely delegate your online reservations to third parties?
An efficient brand awareness strategy can help you get a considerable amount of reservations directly to your website. Through data analysis you can get all the information you need to create the right message for the right audience, at….. Read more »



Simple Booking: stop with online sales. Or not?

In the hotel industry the fine line between online selling and conventional requests becomes more gray.
Discover how to turn your communication needs into opportunities for sale.
Google has changed online sales dynamic by setting the focus on visibility as a service against remuneration.
However, there is still a corner left where to dialogue with all….. Read more »

Serenissima Informatica: between the reception and the cloud, from PMS to Marketing Automation to increase direct revenues.

The increase in booking channels available to customers and touch points with the hotel, together with the diffusion of management software generally not well integrated, determine the existence of data silos potentially rich in information, such as inaccessible diamond mines and difficult to exploit.
However, the right management and business intelligence methods and tools allow to….. Read more »


Puglia Travel Flavour: the trip in Puglia starts at the table!

Puglia Travel Flavour is the creative partnership project designed by Pugliapromozione together with Expedia.
Choose your ideal menu, explore the territories in Puglia with emotional videos and enter into the centre of a digital experience that talks about Puglia as a place of excellence to explore, taste and book!
Presentation by Pugliapromozione… Read more »

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Destination Florence CV: from MICE tourism to Destination Management

The trasformation of Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau from promoting the destination to attract conferences and events, to a recongnized DMO.
The Director Carlotta Ferrari tells the story about how you can become a destination management model and a succesful case history.
Presentation by Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau… Read more »

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Hoxell: Guest Experience & Revenue Management

Your perfect equation: guest satisfaction, reputation and revenue.
We will consider the roll of people (High Touch) and technology (High Tech) to create happier guests, who come back, become your true ambassadors and improve the brand value – and therefore your ADR – through strong word of mouth.
Simplify the complexity of hotel operations and become….. Read more »

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Slope: Hotel management: what are the software tools that the modern hotel owner can not do without

In the last decades the travel industry has changed with unprecedented speed; in this context it is fundamental to understand the software tools at the base of modern hotel management and to analyze how these should be used in order to automate and simplify hotel business processes.
Slope’s Product Presentation… Read more »

Tradelab: Programmatic advertising, how does the advertising of future evolve in the tourism sector?

Planning a programmatic advertising campaign offers the advantage to optimize digital investments, reach – via the power of data – the right users (both online and offline), control the exposure frequency of the ad.
In this workshop we will see how to build a programmatic campaign integrated in mobile and Out Of Home altogether.
We will….. Read more »