Innovation and Blockchain at the service of public establishments

Food wastage in Italian catering and in companies in the "Tourism" sector, a central theme of a "Cultural" nature. The world of catering often stops to analyse consumer behaviour in this regard, also to identify the best solutions to adopt when intervening to stem it; Cristiano Nervegna will present DeepLab, an innovative startup company created from the collaboration of a company with decades of experience in IT innovation and in retail. DeepLab will present the innovative BitGood app, which is the service that connects, in a simple way, those who have surpluses with non-profit organisations that will handle its redistribution for philanthropic purposes.

Lastly, Federico Quaranta will talk about the importance of proper communication regarding sustainability in the mass media.BTO2020 | Innovazione e Blockchain al servizio del pubblico esercizio


Francesco Tapinassi Scientific director BTO 2020
Vittorio Messina President Assoturismo Confesercenti
Cristiano Nervegna General Director Deep Lab
Federico Quaranta Rai - Radio
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