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Smart Sustainability

The number of tourists is constantly increasing all over the world. The wish list (of destinations) always stays (more or less) the same.

This simple fact is risks creating problems for the most popular tourist destinations. Pavements always crowded. Overloaded means of transport. Long queues outside museums. Urban solid waste collection systems on the verge of collapse. Higher and higher rental costs. Old town centres abandoned by residents.

But is this really so? Is tourism itself a problem or is it the management of public services that must find new formulas? In this panel, we will try to answer these questions and show how new technologies help, concretely, to make destinations more sustainable. It all starts by knowing your visitors well, knowing when they arrive and how they behave.

It can be done and we will show you how.

Intro | Moderator:
Antonio Pezzano DMI

Anna Borduzha Mabrian
Chiara Bertoldini DFRC
Andrea Cruciani TeamDev
Alenka Soršak Ljubljana Tourism

Today’s opportunities in the non-hotel sector and the Condhotel formula

With Danilo Beltrante, we will explore the great variety that the Extramura sector is made up of.
From the single rented property to generate a supplementary income, to Franchising of holiday homes.
There really is a place and an opportunity for everyone. Together, we will discover ways of working professionally and making a profit in this….. Read more »

In Italian

What role do emotions play when we look for, evaluate and book a trip?, CISET and NeuroWebDesign together, to examine in depth the theme of user experience and the best neuromarketing techniques that allow us to optimise a website.
Together, we will analyse all the typical steps in the purchasing process, highlighting the emotional involvement of the user and how to detect it in a scientific way.
Texts and….. Read more »

L’ecosistema di promozione turistica digitale della Regione Abruzzo: overview delle attività ed asset

Una panoramica sulle iniziative in corso in ambito “promozione turistica digitale” dal Dipartimento Turismo, Cultura e Paesaggio della Regione Abruzzo (anche) per accelerare il processo di digitalizzazione nella promozione del territorio e dell’offerta turistica abruzzese: le leve dell’interazione e della cooperazione applicativa con piattaforme integrative satellite (Portale Cultura, Abruzzo Film Commission) al servizio dell’integrazione completa ed….. Read more »

Simple Booking: stop with online sales. Or not?

In the hotel industry the fine line between online selling and conventional requests becomes more gray.
Discover how to turn your communication needs into opportunities for sale.
Google has changed online sales dynamic by setting the focus on visibility as a service against remuneration.
However, there is still a corner left where to dialogue with all….. Read more »

Serenissima Informatica: between the reception and the cloud, from PMS to Marketing Automation to increase direct revenues.

The increase in booking channels available to customers and touch points with the hotel, together with the diffusion of management software generally not well integrated, determine the existence of data silos potentially rich in information, such as inaccessible diamond mines and difficult to exploit.
However, the right management and business intelligence methods and tools allow to….. Read more »


Shaping Blockchain for Tourism

They say that 2019 will be the year in which many of the blockchain initiatives will emerge from their testing phase and take shape.

Yet some doubts still remain, concerning the costs vs. the benefits of adopting this technology, its multiple fields of application and whether or not tourism is the most appropriate industry for this decentralized model and tends to be the safest for conceiving and using registers and contracts.

Whether it is the traceability of a booking, the ID of a passenger or a piece of baggage, just like a transnational payment, the blockchain makes the exchange of a chain of information possible and accessible to everyone, with numerous advantages for the traveller as well as for the tour operator.

Will this really be the year in which the tourist marketplace finds a designated use of the blockchain?

What form is it taking in this industry of ours? We are discussing this with some of the most committed players on this front.

Intro and Moderator:
Edoardo Colombo Innovation advisor

Luca Moschini Trentino Holidays
Alessandro SaninoThe Tryvium Company

Maksim Izmaylov Winding Tree

Foodtelling: how the story of food has changed and how it affects tourism

The narration of food and wine has changed a great deal in recent years.
How much can the new way of talking about (food storytelling) drive tourism?
How much does communication concerning food & travel via the web and social media affect behaviour, imagination and purchasing decisions?
We will talk about this with experts, bloggers and….. Read more »

Puglia Travel Flavour: the trip in Puglia starts at the table!

Puglia Travel Flavour is the creative partnership project designed by Pugliapromozione together with Expedia.
Choose your ideal menu, explore the territories in Puglia with emotional videos and enter into the centre of a digital experience that talks about Puglia as a place of excellence to explore, taste and book!
Presentation by Pugliapromozione… Read more »

In Italian


What effect does serving food on small or red or round plates have? Why do we consume 35% more food when we eat with another person and 75% more when there are three of us?

"Gastrophysics" is the new field of knowledge opened up by Professor Charles Spence, which combines disciplines such as science, neuroscience, psychology and design. Using his two decades of research on the extraordinary connections between our senses, he shows how we can create more tasty, exciting, healthy and memorable culinary experiences. Above all, in order to get the most out of every meal, we must think not only of what is in our mouth, but also what is in our mind.

Spence has explored every sense and different types of meals to show dozens of ways in which the elements "outside the plate" influence our food experiences: the weight of the cutlery, the position of food on the plate, the background music and more. He reveals to us how food companies and the best restaurants in the world create cutting-edge technologies to do this, and how this can transform the way we will eat in the future.

Whether you are at home or in a restaurant, eating alone or with friends, Gastrophysics discovers the hidden ingredients at our disposal that can change the way we eat and the way we live.

Giancarlo Piccirillo INVITALIA | Agenzia nazionale per l’attrazione degli investimenti e lo sviluppo d’impresa SpA

Charles Spence Somerville College

Nick Difino Food-Hacker and Eat-ertainer

Italian museums, amid online reputation and digital transformation

For the choice of a museum or of a cultural experience, online content and digital reputation are also factors that define expectations and influence the choices of potential visitors.
It therefore becomes particularly important to understand what the digital positioning of each cultural attraction is and open a window on this dimension with the goal of….. Read more »

Use digital channels strategically: Email, Facebook and Instagram Marketing for tourism

Today, the customer journey is increasingly fragmented and differentiated and, for any activity, it is essential to identify and develop its competitive advantages and bring the customer personas into focus, in order to understand how to use online and offline channels in a strategic way.
Enrico Marchetto, Veronica Gentili and Alessandra Farabegoli will conduct an excursus….. Read more »

Destination Florence CV: from MICE tourism to Destination Management

The trasformation of Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau from promoting the destination to attract conferences and events, to a recongnized DMO.
The Director Carlotta Ferrari tells the story about how you can become a destination management model and a succesful case history.
Presentation by Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau… Read more »

In Italian

Hoxell: Guest Experience & Revenue Management

Your perfect equation: guest satisfaction, reputation and revenue.
We will consider the roll of people (High Touch) and technology (High Tech) to create happier guests, who come back, become your true ambassadors and improve the brand value – and therefore your ADR – through strong word of mouth.
Simplify the complexity of hotel operations and become….. Read more »

In Italian

Slope: Hotel management: what are the software tools that the modern hotel owner can not do without

In the last decades the travel industry has changed with unprecedented speed; in this context it is fundamental to understand the software tools at the base of modern hotel management and to analyze how these should be used in order to automate and simplify hotel business processes.
Slope’s Product Presentation… Read more »

Smart Tourism in cultural destinations

What challenges does smart tourism face in cultural destinations?

What role do the new technologies play in processes aimed at highlighting the value of cultural heritage and sustainable development of cultural destinations?

How can they facilitate creativity and innovative tourism experiences?

How do they facilitate access and/or delocalisation of tourist flows towards minor itineraries?

How can marketing, communication and intermediation be revolutionised?

What are the innovative tools for monitoring and managing tourist flows?

The panel of experts aims to outline the challenges and developmental scenarios of smart tourism in cultural destinations, by identifying the potential, the limits, the challenges and the business opportunities for the various players.

Intro | Moderator
Mariapina Trunfio Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope

Sebastian Frankenberger Linz – European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019
Andrea Cusumano Città di Palermo – Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2018
Adele Magnelli ETT S.p.A.

Chef Colonna and the pOsti startup: once upon a time there was the first recipe tracked by Blockchain

Antonello Colonna is a Chef, visionary, hotelier and philosopher. He has made his bond with the territory his strong point, and hospitality the cornerstone of the relationship with the customer.
Typical Roman ingredients and an international approach have led the chef to create the "Panzanella" by Colonna, the first recipe in the world to be certified….. Read more »

The stars were shining

Today, when choosing an accommodation facility, travellers rely upon various indicators and often a combination of them: reputation, category and price are the most important, but they focus even more on seeking specific services to satisfy their needs and the type of journey they are going to embark upon.
What role does the hotel classification system….. Read more »

Tradelab: Programmatic advertising, how does the advertising of future evolve in the tourism sector?

Planning a programmatic advertising campaign offers the advantage to optimize digital investments, reach – via the power of data – the right users (both online and offline), control the exposure frequency of the ad.
In this workshop we will see how to build a programmatic campaign integrated in mobile and Out Of Home altogether.
We will….. Read more »


Tap and pay, the effects (already visible) of digital payments in travel

Will increasingly smart payments, quick as the blink of an eye, managed by our trusted stores, in wallet mode and by mobile, soon make the current payment circuits and POS technology obsolete and make cash unacceptable even for small amounts?

China is driving this “evolution” with Alipay and WeChat Pay, where 32% of consumers already use these systems for their travel abroad with significant growth rates also in the adoption of digital payments by merchants.

The penalty is the loss of important incomes and market shares.

The fintech global race has begun.

What can we catch sight of on the horizon and who will earn themselves the podium?

But above all, how is the travel industry equipping the travel sector for this change in Italy?

How will the use of these systems affect the final cost price of the rooms?

We are talking about it with some of the main protagonists on the international fintech scene.

Intro and Moderator:
Edoardo Colombo Innovation advisor

Alessandro Astone Stripe Italia
Pietro Candela Alipay 
Roberto Grassi Amazon Pay 

WHO trusts WHO?

The digital world has changed the spread of word to mouth and has impacted reputations. This is a very well-known phenomenon in the hospitality industry.
In the restaurant business, the same phenomenon came later, chronologically speaking, but it was quantitatively much broader.
What are the similarities and what are the differences between the two sectors? Does….. Read more »

Cancellations, tariff disparities and contracts with OTAs

Common problems and a few strategic solutions.
New trends in hotel bookings and contracts imposed by credit card companies can make us lose a lot of time and money.
The presence of "ghost" OTAs in metasearches, positioned at rates far below the ethical parity rate, creates a commission war that hotels can’t afford to take part….. Read more »

JobValet: a “smart” way to match supply and demand

JobValet is a digital recruitment platform for staff in the hospitality sector and a bridge between supply and demand.
It is the only platform in the industry that is based on an algorithm to identify the best resources available, and currently has more than 37,000 registered candidates and 500 client companies, including the best hotels and….. Read more »


Smart Museum: how technologies can make cultural fruition intelligent

Presenting the smart museum as a result of the fusion between creativity, new technologies and managerial innovation processes.

The opening speech was by Arvin Sanjeeev, winner of the 2018 Playable Museum Award at the Marino Marini Museum in Florence, followed by Fabio Viola with Gaming and Museums: the Taranto Case, Riccardo Napolitano: the HoloLenses and Sergio Riolo Il Cartastorie from the Banco di Napoli Archives.

Arvind Sanjeev Playable Museum Award 2018 Museo Marino Marini Firenze

Intro & Moderator:
Patrizia Asproni Fondazione Museo Marino Marini di Firenze

Fabio Viola TuoMuseo
Riccardo Napolitano arm23
Sergio Riolo ilCartastorie | Museo dell’Archivio Storico del Banco di Napoli

Does the napkin consume the sheet?

Changes in demand, new technological challenges and variations in regulations are changing the delicate balance between food and beverages and the management of accommodation capacity.
What opportunities are opening up for hoteliers who also offer their customers a catering service inside their hotel?.. Read more »

Hospitality is mobile! How to design SMART Food and Guest Experiences

Food is becoming increasingly mobile, fluid, and liquid – just like the communication strategies used to promote and sell it. From simply being a product to be placed, the focus has shifted more and more to "customer service" as an added value, gradually evolving into the idea of "experience".
This means that to sell a culinary….. Read more »


Dream (and Smart) Hotel Wake-Up Call. Special guest planet MARS

What would happen if in the future hotels provided a mobile, relocated and fully automated service?

How and where could we recover the human relationship and the territorial characterisation?

What if they became a fun place to relax, work, reorganise your time and, even if you stayed there for just one night, they were the set of a fairy tale, an eco-sustainable nest that exploits the motion of the tides or a peripheral oasis of a big city?

And this all in the name of respect for the delicate urban and natural ecosystem, in search of the perfect human psycho-physical balance.

Just a moment, though… what if all this is already happening?

Stefano Mereu Human Company
Marc Sampietro The Student Hotels Group
Sofia Gioia Vedani Planetaria Hotels
Ralph A. Riffeser Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel
Peter Palicz KiVi Hotel Budapest
Steve Lee Aprilli Design Studio
Giancarlo Zema Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Valentina Sumini MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Smart travelers in a smart destination

So-called stimulating but not always positive international experiences have shown that so-called "Smart technologies" are a necessary condition for the creation of a Smart Destination, but they need to proceed at the same pace as Smart Governance and Smart People.
This session proposes a dialogue on this topic, focusing the attention both on enabling technological factors….. Read more »

Smart Sport Tourism

How the integration between territorial destinations and digital and innovative start-up companies can build a smart tourism product.
The goal of the integrated system is to intercept a demand for tourism, based on the variables of well-being and sport, that can provide positive results in terms of new market segments and, at the same time, offer….. Read more »


Big Data Tourism: what data to use to improve cities

A far cry from that Italy that still talks about seasonal adjustment at conferences, as if it were an ever-valid mantra for gathering the consensus of tour operators, there are companies and governments that invest to make the management of the territory (and, consequently, of tourism) increasingly efficient.
Cameras that recognize micro-expressions, in order to understand….. Read more »

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