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Does the future of search advertising lie in metasearch engines?

Research is becoming increasingly vertical and metasearch engine campaigns are starting to become accessible to the majority.
How do you rethink your own adv keywords strategy in light of this and which differences need to be taken into consideration? What is most useful?.. Read more »


Hospitality goes AI

Conversational AI, such as chatbots and voice user interface (VUI), may not be yet perfect technologies but they are definitely more than real and, even more important, they are constantly perfecting and they are learning from us… humans.

Big firms like Google and Amazon are also betting tons of billions on them.

Could these new channels become the preferred way for hotel guests to address questions, give commands, share complains and even making reservations?

Could be the beginning of a new interdisciplinary digital ecosystem where CRM, sales, marketing, social media and the product development itself will merge?

Some international hotel chains have already invested time, money and resources on it and they will share outcomes and findings.

Giovanna Manzi Best Western Italia

Charlie Cadbury Say it now


TripAdvisor in 2019

On 13 November last year, TripAdvisor announced a raft of new features internationally and in 28 languages.

The world’s leading travel portal is changing face and bringing in new functions, in what is much more than a simple restyling.

Summing up.

Gianluigi aka @insopportabile Beta Tester TripAdvisor

TBA Tripadvisor


HotelTech2020: why and how the role of technology in Hotels is changing

The growing role of technologies in Hotels.

The problem of choice in the face of a market that offers more and more technological solutions.

Aspects to consider, comparison metrics, exchange of information between systems, new trends.

In-depth analysis with the main players involved.

Keynote Speaker | Intro:
Massimo Caria

Carlo Fontana Hoxell
Margaret Ady apaleo
Martin Soler Soler & Associates

Simone Puorto Simone Puorto Consulting

SEO for Hotel

SEO auditing, SEO+UX, SEO landing pages/mobile SEO.
More advanced tools. After an introduction by Luca Bove on Google Maps marketing for Hotels, Marco Volpe will talk about how to do Search Engine Optimisation for tourism, which goes far beyond title, meta and link building.
In order to intercept the conscious demand of a potential guest, you….. Read more »

Digital learning

Technical training and learning systems, the digital revolution in the continuous development of skills.
Innovative training and promotion models, including e-learning, blended learning, bite-size training with focus on embracing new markets.
Presenting a continuous training model for employees of companies in the sector capable of contributing to the innovation of processes and products; promoting collaboration between….. Read more »

SITEMINDER: Paint your clientele’s picture to take your business to the next level

In a world where travelers are more and more sophisticated and informed, it is important that your hotel focus its attention to the guest.
Take part in the SiteMinder discussion to understand what your customers want and the strategies you can use to get closer to them.
SiteMinder’s Product presentation.. Read more »


Innovation ecosystems

Voyager HQ from New York is one of the special guests of BTO11: their mission is to putting start-up companies in contact with business partners and investors, with the goal of creating value in travel.

This slot represents an opportunity to compare innovation ecosystems.

Giovanni Liberatore Università degli Studi di Firenze

John Matson Voyager HQ

Antonio Perdichizzi tree


Mobile Booking is sexier that ever

One of every two users chooses their hotel on their mobile and is also learning to purchase their holiday on their mobile, the performance of which is now excellent.

That’s why we must never lower our guard, especially at this moment in time.

Starting with the data from the Bookassist observatory and with the contribution of Travel Tripper, it is clear that the perfect time to invest is now.

Intro | Moderator:
Giulia Eremita BTO Ambassador

Des O’ Mahony Bookassist
Steffan Berelowitz Travel Tripper


Influencer Marketing, enough with the fairytales

VIP influencer, brand ambassador or, simply, normal people?
Communities or single content producers?
How to identify the right people in order to give a voice, a body and a soul to tourist brands, influence consumption choices and improve turnover.
Strategies, metrics, budgets and measurement tools for approaching marketing influencers with method and discipline… Read more »

Why a destination strategy?

Paolo Grigolli and Pietro Beritelli – Why a Destination Strategy? The Trentino case
Luca D’ Angelo – From flows to design experience: the creation of the Paganella Bike Destination.
Sabrina Pesarini – From the product to the content to the customer: Trentino’s digital strategy… Read more »

OK HOME: Digital Hospitality. The Definitive Solution for short term renting

Properties management for short periods its complex and takes huge efforts an Labour, espycially because of the high guests rotation and all the burocracy attempts, the results that needs hope cost of management and time efforts.
OK HOME is an innovative system ,the only system who can remotely control your property without any fisical human presence….. Read more »

In Italian


What effect does serving food on small or red or round plates have? Why do we consume 35% more food when we eat with another person and 75% more when there are three of us?

"Gastrophysics" is the new field of knowledge opened up by Professor Charles Spence, which combines disciplines such as science, neuroscience, psychology and design. Using his two decades of research on the extraordinary connections between our senses, he shows how we can create more tasty, exciting, healthy and memorable culinary experiences. Above all, in order to get the most out of every meal, we must think not only of what is in our mouth, but also what is in our mind.

Spence has explored every sense and different types of meals to show dozens of ways in which the elements "outside the plate" influence our food experiences: the weight of the cutlery, the position of food on the plate, the background music and more. He reveals to us how food companies and the best restaurants in the world create cutting-edge technologies to do this, and how this can transform the way we will eat in the future.

Whether you are at home or in a restaurant, eating alone or with friends, Gastrophysics discovers the hidden ingredients at our disposal that can change the way we eat and the way we live.

Charles Spence Somerville College

Nick Difino Food-Hacker e Eat-ertainer


Hoxell: Guest Experience & Revenue Management

Your perfect equation: guest satisfaction, reputation and revenue.
We will consider the roll of people (High Touch) and technology (High Tech) to create happier guests, who come back, become your true ambassadors and improve the brand value – and therefore your ADR – through strong word of mouth.
Simplify the complexity of hotel operations and become….. Read more »

In Italian

Trade Lab: Programmatic advertising, how does the advertising of future evolve in the tourism sector?

Planning a programmatic advertising campaign offers the advantage to optimize digital investments, reach – via the power of data – the right users (both online and offline), control the exposure frequency of the ad.
In this workshop we will see how to build a programmatic campaign integrated in mobile and Out Of Home altogether.
We will….. Read more »


JobValet: a “smart” way to match supply and demand

JobValet is a digital recruitment platform for staff in the hospitality sector and a bridge between supply and demand.
It is the only platform in the industry that is based on an algorithm to identify the best resources available, and currently has more than 37,000 registered candidates and 500 client companies, including the best hotels and….. Read more »