Interview with Emma Taveri, coordinator of DESTINATION

1) People are in the centre!
In just a few lines, introduce yourself, telling us what kind of woman you are. We will read your professional CV in the biography on the website. Here, we want to know about the human aspect – what you are like in life.

Finding the positive side of things and sharing this vision I have of the world with others always comes naturally to me. I love what I do, probably because – through hard work – I have tried to build my life trying to do what I love doing. Taking risks, changing direction if necessary, studying constantly and always trying to raise the bar.

I’m curious and I like everything that is innovative (but useful) and digital (if designed to improve people’s work and life).
Because of my work, I lead an unconventional life, travelling between the Dolomites, Tuscany, Milan and my Puglia. Although it is very tiring, however, I recharge my batteries by listening to the numerous wonderful stories of courage and resilience told to me by the people I meet in my country.

I am very precise and demanding, but I am also a great dreamer.
I never have enough time to do everything I want to do and be with the people dear to me, and so many dreams still to achieve with those I have been lucky enough to meet and those I will meet.

2) In the working group you coordinate, what are you dealing with specifically? What are the themes and goals of the topic of “DESTINATION”?

The choice to create real focus on the world of destinations comes from the desire – and perhaps from the necessity – to address this theme in a more complete way.

Our group is asking itself questions about the new trends, but it also wishes to provide those who work in this field with concrete examples and practical tools for managing, promoting and introducing their territory into the market.

We will therefore organise the subject of innovation under different aspects, from product innovation to technological innovation, to show that “destination” can be achieved by focusing on the digital world and also by creating new reasons for visits and investing in creativity, to reduce the gap that often exists between potential demand and supply in the territories.

3) Can you give us a little preview or tell us about anything new?

We will have the opportunity to have several international guest speakers, destination case studies and important brands.

We will compare OTAs and Destinations, talking about virtuous collaborations. We will address the topic of unconventional hospitality that becomes a reason to visit a territory. We will listen to numerous examples of how the digital world, technology, data and also user-generated content are strategic for marketing today, and for the online presence of the territories.

For now, I can say that, for all of us in the BTO working group, it is time to aim high and try to meet people and companies that are a great inspiration in our work, and we are very satisfied with the programme we are building.

4) How will the “Onlife” theme be organised under the topics you are dealing with?

The most recent trend and events in the world of destinations (SKIFT Megatrend Report 2019, DTTT Global 2019) show us that the basis of all the efforts aimed at promotion and technological improvement today, must be the valorisation of local communities and people engaged in management and marketing, because it is People who indeed represent the starting point for improving the tourist’s experience in a destination.

In this edition, we will, therefore, listen to best practices regarding destinations that put People in the centre, and also People who, through their own knowledge and experience, are making the difference for the destinations.

5) A quote, a phrase, a book or a concept that inspires your work in the world of tourism. In short, a thought that you would like to share with all of us.

The quote “A Destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” by Henry Miller is the phrase that guides me. It is also a mantra that reflects the approach that my team and I have chosen to adopt in Destination Makers at the destinations in which we work.

6) We conclude by asking the public the following question: in your opinion, why is BTO 2020 an event not to be missed?

In one of my blogs, in a post from about 7 years ago – my first BTO – I wrote that this event, along with the stimuli and the energy of the People I met, were a strong motivation to return to Italy.

Ever since then, I have never missed a single edition of BTO, either as a participant or as a speaker, and this event has also accompanied me on my journey of professional growth.

I recommend it to everyone because, at times, it is important to go beyond what we already know and challenge ourselves, by trying to understand what is still unknown, in order to return home full of energy and a great many new ideas to put into practice.