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5stelle* is a native cloud PMS which decisively improves your hotel management by freeing up your time and increasing your potential.

Your reception always at hand: thanks to the cloud technology, 5stelle* enables you to connect to your facility wherever you are, even using your smartphone or tablet. Full control of online sales via OTA and on your website: Overbooking is no longer frightening as the 5stelle* planner is perfectly integrated with OTAs and Booking Engine. Easily manage all the complexity of online sales with one tool.

Guaranteed savings: 5stelle* does not include licence fees and has no limitations on the number of users, only one all-inclusive annual fee in proportion to the number of rooms.

Hardware Free: with 5stelle*, the hotel does not have to invest in hardware, all you require is a laptop connected to the internet. In addition, installation and training is quick and easy, so you are saving more than just money.

This year at the BTO, you can try our Touch Tools – Pocket PMS, POS mobile, Housekeeping mobile – and experience in person all the benefits only native cloud technology can provide, both in terms of collaboration and productivity.


Best Western Italia scpa

Best Western is the leading hotel group in Italy with 160 hotels in over 100 locations throughout the country. Ideal solution for hospitality entrepreneurs as the members play a central role.

They are able to fully capture the personality of every hotel, and to give each visibility and results. The network counts 4,200 hotels in 100 countries worldwide. Best Western’s keywords are innovation, design and custom solutions, all at the service of its Members.

The strength of the Best Western brand comes from the marketing partnerships and the global distribution that can guarantee real advantages to the individual hotel, which could not otherwise be able access.

To join our network please visit affiliazione.bestwestern.it/ or contact us at sviluppo@bestwestern.it
Best Western Social Media Hub: bestwestern.it#bestwesternitalia@bestwesternitalia



Bookassist® is The Direct Booking Expert™. The company develops and manages award-winning digital strategies for hotels to help them build brand online, drive direct bookings, enhance ancillary revenue and improve their profitability while reducing dependence on third parties. With over 100 staff at offices in Dublin, Rome, Madrid, Vienna, Munich and Prague, the company is a three-times winner of the World’s Leading Booking Engine Technology award.


Booking Expert

NEXTEAM S.r.l. created the in 2006 "Booking Expert" brand with the idea of specializing in hotel software development and hotel chain consulting. With the direct knowledge of hotel owners and thanks to the IT technology and enthusiasm that it has been since ever characterized, designs and develops innovative and efficient solutions for hotel facilities.

After more than 10 years, "Booking Expert" has become the technological reference point for hotel and hotel chains.


Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels is one of the largest lodging franchisors in the world with more than 6.900 hotels, representing more than 560.000 rooms, in over 40 countries and territories.

With over 400 hotels, Choice Hotels is represented across Europe under the Comfort, Quality, Clarion and Ascend Hotel Collection brands.

Choice Hotels offers the Choice Privileges® rewards program. With more than 39 million members worldwide, is one of the fastest growing hotel loyalty programs in the travel industry.



Evols è un’azienda specializzata nel software per l’ospitalità e la ristorazione. Attiva ormai da diversi anni, a gennaio 2017 Evols viene acquisita da TeamSystem, società italiana leader nello sviluppo e nella distribuzione di software e servizi, portando in quest’ultima la grande esperienza e competenza maturata nel settore della ricettività.

Il nuovo assetto societario consente ad Evols di beneficiare della grande forza commerciale e della spinta tecnologica innovativa di TeamSystem. Evols si presenta oggi con una soluzione gestionale di ultima generazione, già integrata in POLYEDRO, la piattaforma di collaboration di riferimento del Gruppo TeamSystem.

Grazie a un’offerta basata su una gamma completa di software dedicati al mondo dell’ospitalità, dalle prenotazioni online, alla gestione delle camere, ai servizi di ristorazione, Evols copre tutte le esigenze gestionali del settore, offrendo ai clienti la garanzia di dialogare sempre con un unico interlocutore.

Le soluzioni Evols sono caratterizzate da un’elevata modularità e flessibilità che consente al cliente di graduare nel tempo gli investimenti e di pianificare al meglio il percorso di sviluppo del proprio business.



Hoxell is an innovative work system for excellence in hospitality standards. It combines software and people to improve guest satisfaction and grow customer loyalty through staff empowerment.

Perfectly interfaced with your PMS, our platform enables a deep interaction between a hotel’s guests and staff, providing outstanding customer service by constantly engaging with them at multiple touch-points, including: the pre-arrival, the hotel stay and the post departure stage.

Hoxell lets hoteliers monitor the operational workflow of the whole hotel in real time: from reservation, online check- in and room customization to housekeeping and concierge, including staff communication and communication with guests (mail & SMS).

We have two main modules:
1. In-house operations: Housekeeping & Maintenance
2. Guests interactions: Guest relations & MyPage

The benefits are: higher guest satisfaction, improved online brand reputation, better revenue management (more revenues).



My App Concierge is a custom mobile application for your hotel, since a high-quality stay is the best souvenir your guests may fancy!

When your guests arrive at your hotel, they expect an all-round and enthralling experience waiting for them, friendly and caring people welcoming them and a whole lot of wellness and fun for them to enjoy an exciting stay. And not only.

They expect user-friendly technologies at their disposal, capable of meeting their preferences to ensure an extraordinary adventure before, during and after their stay.

My App Concierge is the first virtual concierge, and not only. This app, designed for hotels, is available to the customer at any time: a new, worthwhile communication channel to involve, provide direct access to services and strengthen a relationship of confidence over time.


Nozio srl

Hotel Direct-Booking Strategies with zero commission costs.

More than 2.000 successful projects in the last 20 years define Nozio as an Authority in the Italian Hotel Marketing scenario.

We achieve success through a time-tested but still evolving program called – ATTRACT» CONVERT» SHARE – and the most advanced tools to grant effective Distribution, Visibility and Conversion.

Are you trying to achieve the optimal occupancy rate?
Do you want to increase the revenue from Direct Bookings?
Do you need an effective way to promote your Hotel and reduce commission costs?

Our team of certified professionals is at your disposal to analyze your needs and provide advice.


Oscar WiFi

Oscar is an innovative software platform that evolved over the years thanks to a valuable contribution of many hoteliers. Oscar conceives WiFi as a "means of communication" through which an hotel is able to talk with its guests and vice versa.

The key points of the package are the following: sociability, customer profiling, local offers and upselling services, satisfaction monitoring, surveys, follow-up with request for review and also an "emotions diffuser".

Designed to be customer focused, the platform "speaks" 8 languages including Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian and allows "Social Login" to 13 social networks. The classics – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – have been joined by Chinese sites QQ, Weibo, Tencent, Renren as well as the Russian site VKontacte.

Simple and very flexible both in implementation and use, the system is currently operating in more than 900 accommodation facilities of various types throughout Italy.
Oscar WiFi is developed and distributed by InWYA.


Serenissima Informatica SpA

Specialists of software and business processes of the hospitality industry, we allow our customers to dedicate their time only to the care of their guests.

Our customers are always in the focus of our attention: since we meet them to understand how they want to improve their processes and management systems, when we personalize software for them, during staff training, to 24-hour support, provided by people coming from hotels.

Hotel chains, hotels, villages and SPAs benefit from the innovations offered by our international software solutions, in the office or in mobility with tablet and smartphone, on-premise or in hosting: protel PMS centralized and integrated with OLTA and GDS, CRM to stimulate demand and Increase bookings, catering software, SPAs and thermal centers, AFC and management contorl with USALI, business intelligence for data analysis.With offices in Padua, Barcelona (E) and Innsbruck (A), expertise in software, hardware and system platform, hosting services and cloud computing, we are the partner to be responsible for the entire information system.



As the leading cloud platform for hotels, SiteMinder allows hotels to attract, reach and convert guests across the globe. We serve hotels of all sizes with award-winning solutions for independents and groups alike, wherever they are in the world.
SiteMinder’s products include The Channel Manager, the industry’s leading online distribution platform; TheBookingButton, a wholly-branded booking engine for direct bookings via the web, mobile or social; Canvas, the intelligent website creator for independent hoteliers; Prophet, the real-time market intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of pricing rooms; and GDS by SiteMinder, a single-point of entry to a six-figure network of travel agents and the world’s major GDSs. With more than 26,000 hotel customers and 400 of the industry’s top connectivity providers as our partners, today we have presence in more than 160 countries on six continents.



Slope is the "all-in-one" cloud management software. Slope integrates into one solution:

  • PMS; Booking Engine;
  • Channel Manager;
  • CRM (according to GDPR);
  • Marketing and Revenue Tools;
  • Electronic invoicing

At the base of the Slope software is the intuitive and powerful management of crucial aspects such as accommodation and rates, stored archive files and ISTAT, availability on OTA channels, electronic invoicing and every aspect of the management of your hotel.
You will be able to monitor your facility wherever you are and via any device, either desktop or mobile.

At your disposal an effective planning in which it will be easy to observe and book reservations and closures. Simplify the management of your hotel with Slope!


Travel Appeal SpA

Travel Appeal is a B2B startup specialized in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the service of the Travel Industry. Travel Appeal collects and analyzes online data from the travel sector in real time. Through an Artificial Intelligence system, they are able to transform the data into practical advice for operators and destinations to make more effective decisions and improve their digital positioning, with a consequent positive impact on turnover, management of priorities and business operations.

In addition to data, reports and research, Travel Appeal provides an entire ecosystem of products for businesses of all sizes, from individual structures (hotels, B&Bs, campsites, restaurants, museums) to groups, chains, consortia and territories (DMO, DMC, tourism agencies). Travel Appeal monitors the data of over 1 million properties annually between hotels, restaurants, museums, attractions, retail shops and entire destinations. Founded in January 2014 by Mirko Lalli with the support of H- FARM, Travel Appeal now employs a team of 30 people.

They have two offices in Italy – one in Treviso, the entire Campus of H-FARM and one in Florence – and two abroad, London and Amsterdam.




Innovative, cloud-based and data-driven solutions for hoteliers across the globe

Our data-driven solutions enable over 38,000 hotels around the globe to know, acquire, convert and retain guests.

Knowledge is at the center of everything we do. We provide you with actionable insights to know the marketplace and your guests which will improve your ability to compete and drive better business decisions.

Our suite of solutions are uniquely interconnected and mutually supportive, working together to improve your performance.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Reservations & Booking Engine
  • Media Web & Video
  • Guest Management

Wi-Fi Hotel

Wi-Fi Hotel is the most advanced and widespread Wi-Fi management and marketing automation platform for the hospitality industry.

With 10 millions yearly users and over 2500 installed systems in Italy and abroad in independent hotels, hotel chains, resorts and campgrounds, Wi-Fi Hotel represents the state of the art in the field of digital services for the hospitality sector.

Wi-Fi Hotel allows any type of accommodation facility to provide guests with the best Internet access service they can expect, featuring ease of access, convenience of use with any device and maximum performance.

Alongside, the platform can transform any existing public access Wi-Fi network in a powerful communication, interaction and marketing tool, enabling innovative features for promoting the business and its services, maximize customer loyalty and increase the web reputation.

Wi-Fi Hotel is developed by Nexis srl. The platform can be enabled over existing Wi-Fi networks or integrated into customized turnkey projects.